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Useful links and resources

List of Lists of Diverse Seminar Speakers​

The City College of New York Women in Science group:





R, RStudio


Good (and free) GIS programs:



Modeling software:

Maxent, SDM Toolbox, Wallace

Resources containing species location data:

GBIF, herpNet


Environmental data:

WorldClim, Climond


Resources from the American Museum of Natural History's Biodiversity Informatics website,


The AMNH Informatics section on Species Distribution Modeling:


The Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum for Ecological Niche Modeling


NSF-BIOTA Dimensions of Biodiversity grant website


Phylogenetic Inference and Visualization:

BEAST, MrBayes, raxML, FigTree

Comparative Phylogenetics Workshop

photo by

Agus Camacho

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