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Rio Iça: April 2015

Ivan's expedition to Amazonia with the Rodrigues Lab

Southeastern Brazil: August-September 2014

placing data loggers in field locations across southeastern Brazil.

São Joaquim National Park: February 2014

in Urubici, Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

Fazenda Araucaria: January 2014

Southern Araucaria forests in São Joaquim, Santa Catarina in Brazil.

Caparaó, Itatiaia, and Bocaina: September 2013 & March 2014

in the mountains of Minas Gerias and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Serra do Divisor, Amazonia: January-February 2013

in Acre, western Brazilian Amazonia

E.B. Boraceia: June 2012

Workshop at Instituto Florestal and a trip to the Boraceia Biological Field Station in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Serra Bonita: Feb 2009

Camacan, Bahia, Brazil

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